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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

a regal couple

we continued north to siem riep, following the well-trodden backpacker path through cambodia.

it felt like the two cities (siem riep and phnom penh) were cambodia's royal couple:

phnom penh was the gentleman, wizened by experience.
he was contemplative and deliberate.
he determined the laws of his land, protected his people and managed the finances.
phnom penh was proud and well-groomed.
he naturally commanded your respect when in his presence.

his partner, siem riep was a graceful beauty. she too had seen the hardships, but had taken on a more supportive role.
she was the maternal pillar, the womb of cambodia's angkorian civilisation.
despite her age she was gorgeous, her streets aglow with a youthful, positive, progressive energy.
she nurtured her people and inspired the nation to look forward.

 i respected phnom penh, but i loved siem riep.