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Monday, April 12, 2010

gallery for the technologically-challenged

my relationship with the interweb goes through different phases.  some weeks are blogging weeks.  some are facebook weeks. some are weeks when id' prefer to avoid the interweb all together (usually when the laptop comes down with a virus and i spend most of my time with a finger pressed down on the reset button).

last week was a facebook week, hence the lull in activity on the F@head files.  now, i realise that not everyone has access to this part of my virtual life (hi mom and dad). so, below is a series of links which you can click to access all of the albums i've posted since we've been here.

our first few days in south korea

the first fortnight

following this, the next two months 

exploring insadong, and the knife gallery

our lunar new year trip to gyeongju

snippy snaps of february

skiing in gohan

party nights in itaewon and gangnam

the SNET team

quiz nights with our team, "the social livers"

st paddy's celebrations

sabiha's visit

the last snow of winter


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