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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

vin pearl

because Fathead had been on such good behaviour i decided that a day on vin pearl amusement island would be a nice treat for him.  vin pearl is still part of nha trang city, and is connected to the mainland via a cable-car track that is the largest over-sea system in the world.  it spans 3,3km's across the water and the views from up there are just incredible.

the island itself is entirely dedicated to 6 year olds and people of a fathead-persuasion. the usual rollercoasters and bumpercar emporiums occupy a third of the island, another third is dedicated to a beach strip and the remainder is an enormous waterpark - which is where we spent most of the day.

Fathead went down, around, under and over just about every terrifying, death-defying, adrenalin-pumping, heart-stopping ride he could. 

i took pictures.

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