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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

bit of a fak up, ey?

so most of the world shares the view that americans know very little about most of the world.  while i too hold this sentiment, i should put in a disclaimer right now - that the majority of americans we've met over here have proved this theory wrong.

i place this disclaimer this upfront, in fear of losing some very dear friends i've had the pleasure of meeting since we came to korea.  this being said, i do feel the need to share this (sorry guys!)

i'm sure many of you will have seen this already (if nowhere else, than on my facebook profile a few weeks ago).

anyway, Fathead and i have been teaching adult students this week - a special program the school is running for city council staff members who want to meet foreigners and improve on their englishee conversation skills.

so far it's been a really rewarding, experience for us both.  don't get me wrong - it's not that i don't enjoy teaching the little people ... but an adult audience offers an entirely refreshing experience.  for one thing, they actually want to learn english.  for another, they don't need to be shrilly commanded to wash their hands before lunch.  there are, of course, other good points - but i'm sure you can deduce these for yourself.

the point here, is that in Fathead's class today, he was discussing the concept of "stereotypes" and - as the discussion moved to "americans" - one of his students remarked "americans were ignorant".

now i'm not saying i necessarily agree with this ... whole-heartedly.  i'm not even saying that there is any truth in it.

infact, i'm not going to say anything more - i'm just going to show you this:

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