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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

classroom comedies

i don't usually post very much about our actual jobs. although we've never taught before, it's become a way of life for us over here. we live at school. we play at school . we eat at school. and yes, we work here too. i guess because it's become so much of our routine, i forget that it's not part of yours, and you may like to hear about it every once in a while.

so i'm going to start off nice and slow. just a little something to test the waters ...

now, on the subject of subjects:
remember yours? maths, science, biology.

well things are a little different in this english camp. last week, for instance, footie made his solo-teaching debut with karaoke classes in the mornings, whilst minx-star taught sign language.

the experience taught them more than they taught the kids, i think - considering footie is tone deaf and minx has never learnt to sign.

this week, Fathead is teaching bank and post office, in which the kids will learn how to address a postcard, how to navigate an english ATM, and how to understand exchange rates and currencies from around the world.

i'm teaching clinic which will hopefully leave the kids with an understanding of the parts of the body, the english vocabulary for the different internal organs and medical-related phrases like
"i have a fat head please take me to the doctor".

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