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Sunday, March 28, 2010

hiking in seohyeon

the area surrounding our school promises to be quite beautiful (once the snow faks off long enough for the trees to attempt some greenery).

we try (whenever it is humanly possible to withstand the outside temperatures) to explore our surroundings ... and have done a pretty good coverage of it, so far.

a few weeks back, (also read "a few snowfalls ago") we decided to make the best of the sunshine, and headed out to explore the mountains next to our school.

it was so good to be outdoors again - the crisp air cutting through our lungs, leg muscles burning.  walking through the trees, it's hard to believe that just a 5min taxi drive away, you'll be in the heart of seohyeon's city.  we are really lucky with our location here.

anyhoo, these were the first pics i took with my new camera - so although a hike isn't exactly post-worthy ... i had to make up some kind of excuse to share the virginal shots, right?

footie and minx

maya and Fathead

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