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Sunday, March 28, 2010

s'no more disappointment

i'm sure you're supposed to give up something around easter time?  well, anyway - i've decided to give up being disappointed.  i know this sounds a little melodramatic - but you try spending three months willing spring to arrive, and have your hopes and spirits shattered on a weekly basis with the unexpected, unpredicted, unwelcome arrival of snow.

we're now at the end of march (the very month they said spring will start in), and just last week we were minding our own business, going about our daily routine when BAM!  the biggest, heaviest snowflakes came flitting down out of nowhere ... it was like they just fell from the sky (sorry ... bad joke).

anyhoo, the flakes fell for around 5 hours straight - leaving everything in its path under 15cm of white powder.

in the beginning, the novelty of snow was enough to make Fathead and i wet ourselves with excitement.
now, not so much.

i've found myself tormented by the fact that every time it snows, spring moves its ETA out to yet another later date.  and while snow is pretty and makes all your photos look like postcards - when it melts, it mixes with car-grime and turns to a slushy grey muck.
exhausted trees literally fall out of the mountain side.
it leaves everything wet, and brown.
oh, and the temperatures stay at tourette degrees. 

what, you may wonder, is "tourette degrees"?

well, it's quite simply the name i've given to all temperatures below zero.  these are so cold that when you step outside, you' re suddenly overcome with a bad spell of tourettes - exclaiming words too foul to be uttered infront of children and the elderly.

but i digress ...
this past week, when the snow popped round - something strange happened.  i'm not sure if it was collective cabin fever that drove us all to madness ... but out of nowhere, chaos erupted.

i can't remember how it started, but someone threw a snow ball ...

and the next thing we had built a fort on our balcony and were fielding an attack from the opposite building's roof.

the battlefield expanded to the open-air theater we have on top of rooms, which morphed into a baseball game,

which later saw us sledding down rocky slopes on plastic garbage bags.

by the time we were done, 3 hours had passed and night had fallen.  as we returned to our room to defrost in a piping hot shower, i decided that i needed to see the days of snow as a time to remember, rather than time to wish away.

the snow had given us a spontaneous "bonding session" with our colleagues.  it had halved the average age of the entire group and brought us all down to an equal level of simple playful beings.

it let us collapse in the kind of laughter that comes from your gut and had given us some of the best fun in months, for free.

i was done with being swept away by the false-alarms of spring, which would only set me up in hope and anticipation, and then crush me by plummeting into tourette degrees again.

from that moment on, i would just go with the flow, and let spring come whenever it intended to.
so there it is - my commitment to abstain from being disappointed. 

(but just to be safe, i also removed the "snow effect" from the F@head files)
tee hee.

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