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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

quick tip for side-stepping the commies

facebook is "banned" in vietnam - making it somewhat challenging to keep in touch and upload photos.  however, like most things - there is a way around it:   if you do find yourself in a communist country hell-bent on censoring your communication channels, try this website:


most of the time is works, although - whether it lets you upload pics remains to be seen. 


  1. hey cat, great meeting you at Hoa's place. I'm back now in the office and stealing sometime to checkout your blog. I couldn't access facebook at HCMC airport, but could post and receive messages in hoian and hue. Perhaps some parts where they perceive that it'll have a radical impact on people's lives to be exposed to other forms of ideas its banned...perhaps. Its banned in China too

  2. Hey Melissa!

    Nice to hear from you - although that is rather depressing news, you being back at work! YUK! I've realised the same as you've said - that FB post was pre our meeting at Hoa's (you'll see I'm still in Hanoi ... haven't got to Hue yet! =) Life of the holiday maker is taking a little bit of strain on the blogger. But I'll catch up. Off to Nha Trang today, still in Hoi An which was divine. Hope you stay well chicken x