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Sunday, July 4, 2010

to-ing and fro-ing: tuesday

a quick retrace of our footsteps:

went for a strategy-planning meeting in highlands coffee.  drank lime juice over crushed ice - which brought a welcome relief from the heat outside.  by 9am is was around fakken hot degrees celcius (real-feel 45 ... no jokes).

went from tour office to backpackers comparing package rates for a trip to halong bay. this is such a diferent foreigner experience to being in korea.  they are so jacked for tourists - you can't sneeze without hitting an info centre.  it's really useful to have so many places to check prices and transport tickets - as basically everyone here is out to scam someone.

had lunch, our first meal in 'nam, on the balcony of "lucky restaurant".  it was absolutely delicious!  duck springrolls, rice, side salad, bbq chick...en and beers for $2,50.

drank a beer on a street corner at a "bia hoi" joint. got harrassed to buy a handpainted fan by a woman who was more persistant than herpes.

calle dthe australian embassy and booked an appointment to see them the next day.  held thumbs that we would be able to find the embassy and process the visa applications without any more drama.

despite a map from the backpackers, a map from the lonely planet book, a map on the iphone and gps - was got very lost.  wandered through streets and markets and walked and walked and walked.  it's the best way to explore a city - a wonderful past-time when you have no where to be at no particular time.

eventually found our bearings, made our way back to the hostel and stopped for a beer at "the golden drum" where we sat under fans overlooking the chaos in the streets below.  and then the rains came. 

pasting our ponchos on (plastic and sweaty skin are a lovely combination, by the way), we walked through the summer down-pour to a fabulous little restaurant called "69 bar-cafe-restaurant".  had another amazing meal there, and met two aussie dudes who raved about byron bay (when they heard of our december tour through oz).

returned the central backpackers for the nightly free beer and travel tips.  met a rad couple from the uk (paul and amanda), and once the keg ran dry, joined them for a few toots in the world's smallest (and hottest) bar down the road.

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