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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

to-ing and fro-ing: wednesday

caught a taxi to the australian embassy, which was great as we got to have a tour through the surrounding city areas outside of the old quarter.  we arrived at the embassy with a kilo of the required paperwork, and the application process seemed to go off without any hitches - so we're hoping that this is a sign of things to come.

stopped in hanoi city-centre to bargain down a price on a bikini - something Fathead gets a kick from (the bargaining, not the bikini ... well, i suppose both).

returned to the old quarter, and purchased a sim card, so we are now contactable on +84 121 303 6296.

we checked out of central backpackers (as it was slightly beyond the budget), and moved down the road to viet fun hotel.  it's amazing what you get here accomodation wise.  even the cheapest of rooms come with air con, TV, free wi-fi, ensuite bathrooms, clean linen, stocked bar fridges, lock-up safes and cupboards.

after lunch at the hotel we booked our trip to halong bay ($85 each for 3 days, 2 nights all incl.)  the tour was for a night on a wooden bruise boat (called a "junk") and a night in a bungalow on a private beach called "monkey island".  i intend to post a shit load of pícs in the next few days - so watch this space.

you'll note that we seem to be doing very little more than drinking beer and eating. i assure you, this ís the case. get over it.  we're on holiday.

so, that said - we found a very cool spot on the top floor of this enormous building in the middle of the old quarter's biggest intersection. 

the "city view" cafe ís situated right next to the hoan kiem lake (the focal point of the old quarter) and we lost hours watching asia's version of the arc de triomphe from a bird's eye view.  we enjoyed it so much that we returned later that evening (with paul and amanda) to see the same view at night.    

we finished the day off with dinner at "the kangaroo cafe" where Fathead had hís favourite meal to date (stir-fried beef with noodles) and then met up with a few people for drinks at the world's hottest (and smallest) bar where their large bottles of tiger beer sell for 15,000 vnd (vietnamese dong) = just under $1.

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