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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the vietnamese trial

i realise that when i talk about the different towns we're visiting, it's about as meaningful as taking a black and white photo of a rainbow.  so, herewith - a highlighted map of our tour. to date i am (slightly) behind our travels - as in about two weeks behind.  but nevermind that ... i intend to get my a-into-g and catch up as soon as i can.

in the meantime, our trip has followed a similar route to the map above - starting north in hanoi from which we took a trip to halong bay, then returned to hanoi for a few more days.  an over-night sleeper bus drove us for 14 hrs down to hue ("hway") where we spent about 3 days.

then another bus through (the 4th largest city) danang, where we got it to drop us off 20km outside of the city, at the foot of marble mountain.  we intended to stay for a night, but ended up staying for 4 days ... at hoa's place, a magical backpackers on a deserted beach (details to follow).

a short taxi ride took us to hoi an, which was incredible (and definitely our favourite spot so far) - then it was another 11hr over-night sleeper bus to beach-party town nha trang.  almost a week lost to the lethal cocktail-buckets in nha trang, brings us to where we are currently - as i post this: dalat.

not much left of the coastline, you'll note - and tomorrow we're back on another bus headed for the city formally known as "saigon": ho chi minh city.

so this should at least help you orientate yourself with the next few posts.

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