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Monday, February 1, 2010

some few festivi-T's

early followers of this blog will recall the festivi-T's section, under which i began my collection of rad t-shirts.

 it's been a while since any new additions have been made - but i've not been slacking in my quest for the best.  since we've been here, i've come across a number of beauties, and have also discovered an online store which specialises in ko-nglish rip off t-shirts. i shall be purchasing a number of classics from said store in the very near future. 

but until my personal collection flourishes, herewith - a few festivi-T's to keep the spirit alive.
(btw, click to enlarge all images on this blog - incase you didn't already know that)

dave (the kiwi)

jono (an aussie) sports this korean gem: like many things here, things are often lost in transation

(canad)ian wears this number, featuring the little dude from the movie UP!

ffion (welsh) with a bit more local humor
"kimchi: the answer to all of life's problems"

read more about kimchi here

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