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Thursday, February 25, 2010

couple dressing

since we've been here, we've heard a lot about "couple dressing".  it is, as it says: couples dress the same as each other.

you may think this is quite sweet.
you may think this it is a rather "cool" trend from a foreign land.

sure, okay.  i hear you ...

i mean, there's not real harm in a couple wearing the same tracksuits to the gym.  i suppose that it could be a pretty cool tradition if couples wore the same golf gear onto the green.  i'll even push it far enough to say that if a couple were on an ice-rink, then i'd be rather okay with them wearing the same shade of spandex.

however, korea takes things to another level.

take this (a valentine's shop-window display);

 and no ... this is not "out-of-the-ordinary".  
this is how lingerie is promoted. 

seriously.  matching lingerie. 


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