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Monday, February 8, 2010

nothing says i love you ...

... like a "happy new year" gift set of spam


... like a gentle message of inspiration
(click to enlarge "make yourself fucking lovely")

...like defrosting your frozen friends' hands with your "HappyBuy" hairdryer 

...like sending your teenage daughter onto the streets to dispense free hugs to passersby

...like thinking your friends are really cool, even when they really aren't 
PS:this was not a dress up party.  this is what the american GI's are really like out of uniform

... like free drinks at ladies night in itaewon.
and reserving the right to refuse any person for any reas, yo


...like making new best friends with the likes of riad alghoul - an egyptian used car exporter

... like the feeling of safety to be found in a post-party sleepy time on the way home

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