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Thursday, February 18, 2010

the week the year began again

sunday was solnal which meant that most koreans returned to their family homes to follow age-old rituals and celebrate the dawning of the new lunar year. for this reason, our school closed its doors for the week -and so Fathead and i happily found ourselves with an unscheduled week's holiday.  

as last week drew to a close, the snow came down rather heavily (as seen in the video i posted previously).  with no kiddlets to worry about, we took to the grounds surrounding the school for a little recreational creation.

the locals thought we were completely off our trolleys as we bounded about in the snow, making snow angels and gleefully flinging snowballs at eachother.  i'm telling you - us saffers stick out like sore thumbs the minute so much as one frozen flake falls. 

the canadians' shoulders all slump as they retreat to their rooms,groaning.
the koreans frantically start shovelling and salting the walkways in what seems to be a race between them and the inevitable set in of ice.
and the south africans, well ... we go absolutely bananas.

meet the first snowman we've ever built. 
he remains unnamed, but he will forever be awesume.

Fathead recruited a few bucksome young fellows to join him in the great snowball roll of 2010...

and then they decided to push it down the driveway of the school (with me car-spotting on the blind bend).  granted this idea never smacked of any greatness, and so thankfully we never got to seeing it through - as the enormous mound couldn't quite make it over the first speed bump.

that night we celebrated our totally undeserved, unearned, unexpected holiday with a wee bit of a shindig in town.

on our way to party pit number one, i spotted these gems in the middle of the main street arcade.  this was the opening of a "ladies bar" - and something not at all uncommon to see here (they'll pretty much sing and dance for anything).

one thing i should mention before you watch this:

generally the men in korea are really effiminate. 

as a nation vanity runs thick in their veins.  it's not at all unsuual to see men and women check out their reflections in mirrors, windows, cellphones (all of which, incidentally come equipped with a "mirror function").  on public transport, woman apply makeup regularly whilst men will adjust their hairdo's and pout for their own approval. 

the prettier you are - be you male or female - the better. and i use the term "pretty" as a unisex concept - belienve me ... this nation do not know rugger-bugger.  they do not know dark and handsome.  they do nknow beastly masculine ... 

they do, however, know pretty boy.

tlhe local pop celebrities all look about 14 years old and all have pre-90's dance moves which at home would be reserved for that drunk guy on a wedding dance floor who is intentionally trying to take the piss.  

now before you click play ... it's important for you to picture the scene of what would happen just after this performance - were it to take place, say, just outside of loftus versveld, post a blou bulle loss ...

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