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Saturday, December 12, 2009

breaking the silence

i know i've been neglecting you.  it's not because i've lost interest - it's just that we've been in a little pre festive-season whirlwind.

last tuesday we had Fathead's birthday with our nearest and dearests, which left us feeling a little porridge-brained on wednesday.  hence no post.  then thursday, i had my farewell from G2 - which was nothing short of amazingly touching, drunk and emotionally draining.

it's quite incredible how when you do life-changing things like leave the country, a situation suddenly presents itself to you.  it's a situation you're not often lucky enough to be in.  it's a situation where suddenly you're exposed to just how much love your friends and family have for you.

we've been showered with hugs and the most thoughtful gifts.  people have had the kindest words to say, and throughout the past week, i've realised just how lucky i am to have you all.

for your friendship, support, presents, love, hugs, tears, laughter and jagermeisters - i thank you.

i'm currently sitting in the misty hills of hilton (natal), where they've finally discovered the interweb.  it's taken a fews days of experimentation and a number of technical specialists - but we're finally online again! woohoo.

i hope cape town is sunny and bright.

this is the view from where i blog:

rad. glad i packed for the heat of the bush. i'm loving the feeling of hyper-thermia ... i consider this to be good practice for the -20 degrees we've been warned about in south korea.

goodie - gumdrops.

tomorrow we trek off to meet the rest of the clan in goldengate highlands nature reserve for an early christmas.  i assume that much like in hilton, the interweb there is rather like a three-legged chicken ... lessor-spotted.

so again, i apologise in advance for the silence.  i'll probably be on twitter though (follow me here) and i'll keep ya'll posted on whether we see any weird-and-wonderfuls.

otherwise, i'll be back in the 17th to fill the f@head files with more updates.

love you all muchly,
kitty d

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