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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

return from golden gate

hello lovelies

i have returned from a long weekend spent in the most breath-taking part of SA.


Fathead and i made a trip up to hilton, to meet up with Mr and Mrs Fathead  - from where we drove to the north of the lesotho border, near harrismith, to the golden gate park (but i already told you that).

it's basically the land of the greenest mountains ever - check this out

that my friends was the view from our chalet. not too shabby, hey nige?

this was also what it looked like as we arrived on day 1, eagerly escaping the wet drab mistiness of hilton.  as lady lucky was clearly suffering from p.m.s this week, the weather then turned and became wet, drab and misty - that was of course, until this morning (our departure day) - when the sun came out flinging brightly coloured ribbons in a summer dress as she say corny songs from the sound of music.

so in the spirit of soaking up the last rays before we trekked back to foggy hilton-town - Fathead, Mrs Fathead and i tasked ourselves with summited the big red rock you see above.   it was a hellova thing.  but so worth it.

look closer: you see that "staircase" (right of the middle) grasping for dear life to the sheer cliff face?

that's us on it.  spectacular ... and you thought i didn't do hiking?  tsk, tsk,  you are quite mistaken my little city-slicker friend.

unlike our foreign friend the sun, christmas decided to make an early appearance, bringing me a rad 320GB hard drive (woohoo - thanks fathead) plus,  fabulous 75lt backpacks (golly-me, can you believe all our worldy-posessions for 2 years are going to fit in something that small?!)

most of all, i really wish that pedo-bear, dr danger and jayman were with us last night, when Fathead dabbled in some extreme braaiing:

for his birthday, we decided to have a barbie - only, there was a slight torrential down-pour during an almightly thunder and lightning storm.   the booi-chies would have been very proud: as even in the face of earthly-electrocution, my fathead powered through ... rain-proof poncho aboard.  bless it.

to be fair, very special mention must be given to Mr Fathead, and irish - the brother-in-law.

it was undoubtably a fitting end to an early christmas ... a "miracle birth" symbolised by a miracle braai.

well done chaps. and thank you for a wonderful holiday.

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