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Monday, December 7, 2009

the killers reveals some fat festivi-T's

this weekend was a hellova thing!  sho-wee, but it's fun living in cape town!

kicking off the weekend with a surprise "half-way to graduation" party at a friend's house, on friday night, meant that saturday was a struggle for physical and mental stability.  Fathead and i diligently dragged our behinds through the canal and conquered (almost) all of the christmas shopping.  a traumatic experience for most couples, so we're quite relieved that it's over and we're both still speaking to eachother, limbs intact.

saturday night we were treated to Fathead's end of year function, which (despite having a rather boe-ring theme - enter "fire and ice") was actually a rather festive little event - complete with flame-throwing dancers.

but the real gem of the weekend, which deserves a very special mention here - was the killers concert held at val du vie estate.

ja - i mean how kak is that stage backdrop?

apart from being hands-down, panty-dropping, by far the most incredible concert i've ever been to (and that's saying something) - we also got to see zebra & giraffe (again) who were absolutely superb (again).

most notable is the incredible thread of like-mindedness that us killers fans share.  it was really heart-warming to see all the fat festivi-T's that were on parade (including my hum-dinger of a limited edition, "attack of the chocolate steri stumpie" - which i acquired as a result of my previous post steri's stumped me).

other inspiring appearances were made by a number of concert-goers.  following the remarkably high standards set by goodies and pedo bear we have another two contestants who've qualified for the prestigious fat festivi-T's award:

runner up, zudzie clemens wearing OMF! WTF?

and our weekend winner, mr random un-known

i dig that.

tune in later for more on how heineken (the main sponsor) fakked up.  but for now, that's all i have to say about that. 

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