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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

G2 minus 1

as i write this post i sit in an empty open plan, at my empty desk (and ironically, John Lennon on my iTunes just asked me to "imagine all the people") ...

i've just sent off the last of the goodbye emails, saved my admin-deficient filing system on our server and handed over my work path since 2006.  weird.

the things that have spent the last few years cluttering my daily space have all fit into one small box, and now for the last time i use my beloved macbook pro to blog.


life is so beautiful on a mac.  i am dreading the messy, crabby, backward, counter-intuitive way of PC life ... more than i dread jetlag and tripping over boy things strewn all over my living space.

so it's a sad day, as i part with my special little silver window to the world.  i will have to replace her asap.

it's obvious that our work is drawing to a close, but to update you on the rest it's probably best to revisit the panic list posted in wherefore art thou visa?

40-day status  (days before work in SK commences) wasn't looking too hot, i must tell you:

" things that haven't happened yet

  • visa codes issued (passports then need to get to PTA, have visa's installed and then get back down to us)
  • car sold
  • travel/medical insurance
  • back-packs and snow jackets purchased
  • ability to speak fluent Korean
  • moving / storage booked
  • flights booked
  • departure date confirmed "

so let's see how things have some along since then ...

12-day status:

  • visa codes- done
  • car sold - being done tomorrow arvie
  • travel/medical insurance- being handled by Fathead ... hopefully
  • back-packs and snow jackets purchased - done
  • ability to speak fluent Korean - pah! c'mon you and i both know that was a leetle yoke
  • moving / storage booked - done
  • flights booked - being done in the next two days 
  • departure date confirmed - 98% set for the 2nd Jan

so there - that's not bad, hey?!  plus there are a ton of other things we've managed to cross of the list ... including getting our deposit for the Chateau du Fathead back, backing up emails, contacts, music and photo's, booking post-vacancy cleaners and kitting ourselves out with -20 degree survival gear.

i have to admit, that as the daughter of a lingerie designer i never thought the day would come where i voluntarily put thermal undies on the top of my christmas list!  heaven's above.

you could say we're on track i suppose.  so it's now loose-end-tying-up time.  i've made a list of things to do, a list of things to pack, another list for things to remember, and a list of lists to make.

but sadly in this moment i'm taking a moment with my friend, my glorious mac.

adious. it's been grand.

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