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Sunday, January 3, 2010

leaving on a jetplane

we've finally arrived!  you'll forgive us for the lack of updates, i'm sure.  it's been (what some like to call) a fokken maltyd trying to tie up the last bits of our lives in SA.  but it's done, and that's what's most important.

leaving lovely, sunny SA was hard.  we had a team of movers burst in and whisk all our worldly belongings away to a storage unit somewhere.  i must recommend to any of you looking for a company to move / store you - go with these guys (britannia).  they were fab.  hassle free, friendly, careful and quick.  best of all their rates were well below any of the other grumpy mo-fo's we contacted.

in the heat of the 1st of Jan, with heads a-pounding  a result of our new years celebration with the special ones ...

we peeled ourselves off beds (while some reluctant boyfriends were also dragged off their places of slumber), to begin the journey to the airport.  dearest friends escorted as there, ensuring that we actually made the flight on time.  rather a good thing, i suspect.    in return, Fathead and i entertained them by bickering all through our bloody mary brunch - leaving them tickled with the prospect of the two of us spending the next 24hrs confined, side-by-side to our flight seats.

then it was time for one last sad goodbye

okay, they don't look tearful there but i swear there were much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

unt den, Fathead and i were off to start the very adventure, for which this here blog was created.

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