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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

one small step

with our monday spent playing in a fairground, we awoke on tuesday morn with a spring in the step and a dimple in the cheek.

this - despite the fact that The Day of Medicals had finally arrived.
in order to register for a cell phone, open a bank account and qualify for our medical insurance - we need to be certified as korean citizens. in order to do that, we need to have a medical examination done - proving that we haven't brought swine flu, mad cow disease, halitosis and p.m.s into the country.

so off we went to a hospital (which i suspect was a public one, although it looked just like the medi-clinic's back home).  we were pre-warned that this day was coming and that we should expect it to take about 6 hours.  Fathead and i went into a room, were weighed and measured (i've lost 1cm in height, by the way).

rad...   every girl's dream.

anyway, blood pressure, colour-blindness ... then a poke in the arm, gallons of blood drained, a cup to pee in, a chest x-ray and then a trip to dunkin' donuts to make us "feel better".

not the worst medical-related experience i've ever had to endure.

post poke-'n-prod, we were taken to Kb (korea's biggest banking institute) to open up our very foreign bank accounts.  we only have the atm books for now (still need to open cheque accounts once we get paid and our resident cards come through and we are certified to not have brought in any deadly infections to the country).

so we can't really do anything with the little bank-bookie things, but still ... it's a step forward, right?

at least we were issued with swift numbers .. which allows people like you to transfer your money into our overseas accounts.

for code: enquire via email.


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