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Sunday, January 24, 2010

snippie-snaps of the week


sometimes you win.
sometimes they serve fishbone and octopus tentacle stew, and you politely decline.
on these days, your lunch menu reads like this:
ice-cold, pickled marrow.
soy-soaked lotus root.
cold fried egg left over from breakfast.
doughnut. why would you serve doughnuts with lunch?

          no seriously...why?


fellow teachers gathered in our room on friday night, for a little vino and soju (rice-vodka poison: used to scour greasy pots or get you very tipsy).
the resulting day-long headache was a really nice addition to our saturday shift.

in-house entertainment
"multiculturalism" can be defined as two south africans watching the russian-version of the american-made star wars movie, dubbed in english with supporting korean subtitles.


quite a random shot, which will probably never be printed or framed - so i felt sorry for it and popped it here:

pretty and plentiful - poinsettia


a scene from one of the night activities - here the little darlings scream loudly as volunteers are encouraged to go up on stage and perform their favorite k-pop tune.

clear as mud

something you notice quite soon after arriving here, is the charming way signage is translated directly into engris with the trusting consultation of a thesaurus.

unfortunately we never went into this particular club, and so i am doomed to spend many a sleepless night - pondering just what "orgiastic laical" is.

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