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Sunday, January 3, 2010

polling results

with a number of the polls now closed, i thought i'd draw up a quick summary / update on them - before they are removed from the site.

with regards to the travel insurance poll, we took the majority's advice, and went with OVC. thanks for those who contributed to this all important info-sharing exercise.

in terms of the leaving date game, a surprising 80% correctly guessed that it would be "sometime between now and when they arrive in SK?".

and lastly, an appalling lack of faith shown amongst most (71%) of you out there, voting for my luggage to weigh in at "more than the boeing 747 she leaves on". 

har-har-har ... you're all too funny.
that was a trick question, by the way - and your your information, it came in an impressive 15kg (2 kg's lighter than my average handbag).

take it. and go.

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