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Monday, January 4, 2010

we awoke to snowfall

when we arrived here we were grinning from ear-to-ear about the few cm's of snow that lined the streets. the locals thought we were a little narner - seen as it's by no means a phenomenon for them.  however, as we explained, us south african's have never had the chance to really experience real snow.

"enjoy it while it lasts, we're not likely to see much more snow from now" they said.   they were so wrong.

this morning, Fathead came bolting into the room - grabbed me by the scruff of my sheep-skin hoody, and dragged me out to the balcony.

snow had fallen all night, and was still softly floating down. 

outside, the two of us were like kids in disneyland.  the snow fell all around us, and our feet sunk deep into the 20-odd cm's of white powder.   it's surprisingly "warm" outside.  probably only about -7degrees, which is weird to think.

it's absolutely beautiful here. as an added bonus we get to spend the day playing about in the snow, as we were supposed to go into town for our medical clearance tests but all cars and roads are snowed in.  a moo ha ha.

the kids arrive today - but have only been able to be brought up to the school in small batches.  we are due to start with classes tomorrow - but no news as yet to whether we will be allowed to work without our medical's done yet.    in the meantime, we'll cuddle under blankies and watch a few episodes of top gear and maybe the odd movie Fathead brought along on his media player (obviously gadget-boy packed in a toy or two!)

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