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Sunday, January 10, 2010

sunday strolls

today was our first day off since we arrived.  we slept in late, watched a movie in bed and then scraped ourselves from the warmth of our rooms to brave our first foot-bound adventure.  we took a beautiful walk through the snow-laden paths of our surrounding town ... down the hill from our school, through the small restaurant district,
discovered a frozen dam and wondered its 3km circumference, popped into the GS25 convenience store and found a festive little french-styled coffee house called the old musica club.

the coffee cabin reminded me of t-bear's mother's doll house.  it was double-volume, furnished with individual antique pieces, quirky lamp shades and old-school french cafe soundtracks.  we ascended a petite staircase to the attic, overlooking a snowy street.  we ordered two americana coffees which arrived watered-down and with the bill.

R84 a cup.  but i don't want to talk about it.

on the way home, we explored small lanes and paths, discovering things that were wonderful, and some things that were ... well, just plain strange.

the frozen dam

inner-city driving range: four-floors overlooking a gauze bottom which slopes downwards - so that all balls roll back into a trough and are ready to be whacked out again.  smart hey?

the blue ocean  ship-shaped restaurant (Fathead sugar-coats his opinion thereof).

all around the dam's promenade, they've placed gym stations.        i'm not kidding.

and people actually use these for a quick work out.  they walk for a few km's around  dam, stop and do 10 bicep curls,  then resume their stroll as if it's completely normal behaviour.

odd, odd, odd.

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