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Friday, January 8, 2010

eyes wide shut

something i thought i'd share:

yesterday i shouted at a boy for sleeping in my class.
he looked behind him to see who i was talking to.
he was not sleeping.
he was wide awake.

note to self:
it is impolite to not notice the difference between asian eyes and those that are tightly shut.


  1. Cat(astrophe) - you are positively MAD!! We have laughed so much in this office today that Fathead's sister (Fathead'ette) has almost wee'd in her broeks! Our favourite was - "the flock of flies vs the slow roasted pork" but that has now been overtaken by the non-sleeping chink. Fathead'ette has gone for a pee before we can read about the kimchi.
    This is fabulous! Have fun.