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Friday, January 22, 2010

it's been a while

i know i've been a little quiet ... i'm sorry.  that's rather rude of me, isn't it?

it's just that since sunday's ski-slope adventures, we've had a week that's just flown by.  that, and every moment i've had infront of our laptop has been spent trying to figure out how to convert a .mov video file to .avi so i can compress it with movie maker and upload it here, for you to enjoy.

it is one of those video's you have to see.

i'll whet your appetite:  small korean boy ... singing ... elvis presley.  you need it as much as i want you to have it.  if you know how to help with the above-probleemo, please let me know so i can get back to blogging and stop reading geek-central forums?

but back to the week that was:

on sunday night Fathead realised (with a sickening feeling in the pit of his tummy) that his wallet was still in the ski pants we hired (and returned).  this meant that his cash, credit and debit cards were a 3hr journey away in a mystery venue.  it seemed damn near impossible to track them down, and the thought of cancelling the cards became a very serious reality.

this is not a major issue if you are in our home country.  however, to cancel our cards from here means that they (the banks) will not reissue them to you, overseas.  in other words, you need to collect / sign for them in person.  beeg problemo.

tapping into the korean network of friends we've made, we managed to contact the hiring place, and lo-and-behold ... they searched every nook and cranny of the delivery vehicle and ... retrieved the wallet - complete with cards and cash!

how rad? 
it truly is a testament to the power of positive thinking (and a command of the local language).

so,  much relief on this side, as we nimbly escaped what would have been a rather fat fakup.


on monday, (our "sunday") Fathead and i went into town ... walked the narrow alleys lined with food vendors, climbed up the shopping blocks floor-by-floor to explore every trading post available.

by 5ish we were done with "sight-seeing" and shifted our focus to finding a nice warm pub to people-watch from.  but to no avail - we searched and searched, we climbed staircases in their plenty, trudged alley and walkway ... but everything was closed.  a really weird discovery for us.  pubs, serving food, that were closed on a monday afternoon.  how odd.  for a nation obsessed with boozing, they don't exactly make it very easy to grab an early evening tipple.

eventually we settled for a strange, abandoned "german" bar - which was actually korean but served one type of german draft and had therefore been named after it.  so four floors up, we sat - two little foreign ferrets, sipping on local beer, listening to k-pop tunes, watching the young executive world crawl from their offices to begin their monday evenings.

we returned to school, triumphant:      two weeks under our belts and we had survived another solo day - from bus to taxi, from taxi to market, through malls and stalls, bakeries and even a hole-in-the-wall for a battery replacement of Fathead's watch.  most notably -  hidden in the furthest corner of town, on the ouskirts of where industry's edge meets apartment-living ... we uncovered the rarests of finds: an english-speaking chemist.

we were trying to purchase magnesium and a multi-vitamin.  sounds pretty simple. right?  well, just take it from me.  it ain't.

by the time we stumbled across this pharmacy, we'd already been into several others - and had mastered the art of how to sign "magnesim" with our hands.   when he inquired as to why we took magnesium and checked the contents of the multivitamin for us - i was so overcome with joy, i almost leapt over the counter to plant a wet one on his lips.

okay, so it does look like this - but we've been assured it's magnesium:

how dodgy?

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