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Sunday, January 17, 2010

status update: survived 1st winter camp, unscathed

we've been in SK for just over a fortnight, although it seems like a good few months already. it's always like that - the more you do with the time you have, the more time you seem to have had.  (write that down).
snow fell again this week, and then all the clouds dissolved - leaving us with no blanket for warm ... but an awesume city-scape instead.

friday was the final day of our first two week camp. tomorrow, we start the next two week camp, followed by a one week-er and then a bit of a break from kiddlets for about two weeks. but i'll explain all that when we get there.

by the time the teachers stood shoulder-to-shoulder, waving the little ones on their merry way - Fathead and i were overcome with a huge sense of accomplishment.  we'd survived our first camp, unscathed, unbroken and unfired.

camp is intense, the schedules are jam-packed and the past two weeks have been rather demanding on both of us. i suspect that as our teaching fitness increases, life will become far easier. but for now, it's exhausting.

this weakened physical state did not, however, deter us from heading into town on friday night for a little bit of a taste of the adult world (not that adult world ... although we did mistakenly wonder into a "sex club" later that evening, but that's another story for another post).

we kicked the night off with a visit to the cinema (branded with the unfortunate name of "cinus") where we watched avatar in 3D. as our first time viewing a 3D film on the big screen, we were really rather impressed. Fathead decided it's his new favorite movie. worth treating yourself to a viewing, if you're into animation / sci-fi / big adventure / fantasy / fern gulley-type stuff.

click here to view trailer : avatar

post 3-hrs of fantasy we popped into Bar210 (which is the festive ex-pat pub we found last week) for a tipple or two,
maya (fellow teacher from wales)

and then returned to school where we found most of the teachers in one of the rooms having themselves a jolly good time.  we joined them and got jolly too.  until 4am.

saturday we rolled from bed to lunch at a brazilan steak house called brazilia.  here, they charge you a flat rate for a three-course buffet and endless supply of every meat and cut imaginable.  from lamb to prawns, topside, rump, crispy pork, chicken and an array of sausages.  the deal is when you've had enough you turn a small hour-glass-shaped wooden block over to the red side.  when you're up for some more, you flip it back to green.

bellies full, we stumbled home to settle in for a group-viewing of invictus.  

everyone loved the movie (although there were parts which really could have been built up a bit more).

we laughed, cried, shared memories ... and for the first time since we've been here, i let myself feel homesick.

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