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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ligers, tigers and merry-go-rounds

monday was the day of radness.  we worked the full day as overtime (as we were supposed to get sunday and monday off).  now i know that a one-day weekend, with another six-day week ahead doesn't exactly smack of "radness" ... but imagine your monday was spent here:

how crazy-crazy is this rollercoaster?!  cobra-se-moer.

this is everland: korea's version of disneyland. 

with snow covering every fake village's rooftops, we ran around from ride to ride pretending to be there for the kids (but c'mon ... there were rollercoasters and snow slopes and the air smelt of caramel-covered popcorn and everwhere you went there were korean woman dressed like collectable porcelain dolls singing weird korean versions of what sounded like the looney tunes soundtrack).  

how rad?

i went on my first snow "sledding" adventure, which despite my fear of heights and speed and things that move in general - was really, really super fun!

here's a shot of Fathead doing said sledding:

and here's a shot of Fathead performing his impersonation of "crowd control":

later we went on a "safari" ... which was weirdly against everything I stand by, but fascinating and exciting all the same.

i'm sure most of you would have heard of this beauty before ... a liger (cross between a tiger and lion).  it's really not okay to cross-breed the two.  especially considering how low the tiger population is already, and how ligers are born without the ability to reproduce ... don't get me started. 

but all that aside, it's a stunning creature.  it sits with the most incredible stature and has a presence about it that makes the din of screaming kids and chaos around you disappear.

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