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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

wherefore art thou, visa?

if you were wondering when F@head and i are due to head off on our SK adventure - you'd be in the same boat as us.

to update you on the status thereof:
  • employment contracts signed and returned: check
  • visa papers sent back and forth and back and forth (whilst DHL throws it head back in a guttural laugh and rubs it's fattening wallet):  check
  • resignation from SA jobs: check
  • cancellation of lease for chateau du F@head: check
  • selling of the Astra-nomical: in progress
  • transfer of pension policies, cancellation of contracts and accounts: in progress
looking pretty on track, right?  i suppose, it's not bad.  there's nothing to panic about. unless you consider things that haven't happened yet
  • visa codes issued (passports then need to get to PTA, have visa's installed and then get back down to us)
  • car sold
  • travel/medical insurance
  • back-packs and snow jackets purchased
  • ability to speak fluent Korean
  • moving / storage booked
  • flights booked
  • departure date confirmed
and all this, during the highly productive festive season.
Ag ja  - it's not that bad.  we are only due to start working in SK 40 days from now.

CALM DOWN already!

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