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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

nuff about me, let's talk about you

so it's a new thing - this whole blog vibe. more from my perspective (the virginal blogger), than from yours i'm sure.
but still.

since the F@head files launched, you guys have shown amazing support - and it's been an encouraging start to a fascinating journey of learning and discovery.

in the setup, i linked to a widget (something us bloggers like add to our pages), which tracks activity on the blog. it's been incredible to watch the stats grow and change in the two weeks it's been "live".

more incredible is the weird stuff (something i've always been a bit of a fan of, i must say).

did you know:

17% of you out there, spend (on avg) more than 1hour on the F@head files everytime you visit
there are about 50 of you that spend between 20 mins - 1hr during your stay
the majority are dedicating between 5 - 20mins on average
and then there are a few of you out there who pop in for around 5mins daily.

given the caliber of my friends and your high-pressure professions, i draw great compliment in these stats.

it's also quite insightful (for me) to know that the majority of hits occur between 7 - 9am, then again over lunchtime (which apparently some of you start from 11am and end at 3pm.  then again, a peak between 7-10pm.

sho, given these stats - if we were all one person, our working day would be 4hrs longs!
(you see - it's always better when we're all together)

anyhoo, according to the track map - there are followers sitting as far abroad as norway and ecuador, several on either coast of the US of A, a smattering in aus, then a predictable handful in UK and the bulk, obviously, in our wonderful mzanzi.

it's nice to know you're out there friends.  

and when the lonely night wind sings its lonely, lu-la-by, it's nice to know we're sleeping un-der-neath the same big skyyyyyyy

so thanks guys - for your support, and patience.

i'm getting there. 

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