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Thursday, November 19, 2009

it bugs me to be alone about bugsy malone

i've been talking about this movie since the late 80's - but no one out there seems to have shared the same childhood fetish (or let alone, even heard of it). so here's your cultural blast-from-the past.

BUGSY MALONE:  me and fat sam, we're like this.  [crosses fingers]
BLOUSEY BROWN:  you mean you're real good friends?
BUGSY: nah, it's just that every time i see him, i crosses my fingers, an' hope he don't hit me.

come on what do you mean you've never heard of it? good grief! the youth of today *sigh*

directed and written by alan parker (there'll be a pop quizz next week on his other movies, so best you eu-google it) and released in 1976.

it starred jodie foster people. although in those days she wasn't lesbanese. but still ... bless it.

if you like old school ganster plots (think the godfather), guns and long-legged ladies flapping around in strings of beads, then you may just enjoy what was possibly one of the most original and influential movies ever made.  i even attribute some of my many entertaining talents to the years i spent rewatching this on VHS.

in short (to enlighten the cretins among you who don't know about it) bugsy malone is set in the big apple, 1929 and is all about the world of would-be hoodlums, hard-core mafia type gangs, dodgie deals, showgirls and schemers (sounds a little like a friday night on woodstock main road, i know) - but here's the catch.

it's an all child cast.  sound kak? you're wrong. 

it only won best production design/art direction, screenplay, sound track, supporting actress and most promising newcomer to leading film roles at the '77 BAFTA film awards.  

oh, and then a few nominations at the oscars (best music, original song score and best adaptions score), the golden scroll's best fantasy film, best costume design, direction and film of the year (at cannes, and golden globes).

ag, but ja - it was no biggie really. 

look i'm not going to flog you a dead horse here - just watch the trailor already.

and remember - sharing is caring: if you know how to get your hands on it, then do so and give it to me. 

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  1. hello - just discovered your blog, and had to comment on this. my kids (7 and 14) are OBSESSED with this movie, and they are spreading the word! we found it on kalahari.net and now have our own dvd...joy!!!!