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Monday, November 16, 2009

monday's drinking lesson

i trust your weekend was festive? mine was spent bouncing between wine farms and restaurants in the 'hoek.  i have no idea how people stay thin or non-broke in that town. that's why i don't live there anymore (which implies i am thin and netting it - get it?)

but more tales of the 'hoek later ... btw, watch this space for the world first reveal of the-lady-gaga-impersonating-cock.  no that's not a freudian slip. i did that on purpose.

okay folks, time for monday's drinking lesson:

the denty thumb hole at the bottom of a wine bottle is called a "punt".

*not to be confused with the afrikaans word for "pound" - pronounced "pont". which sounds alot like another (blush) very rude afrikaans word.

there - now you know. another gem to add to your dinner-time vocab. whip it out tonight (the word, I mean). i dare you.

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