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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

monday's reasons to feel fakken festive

it's official. cape town is the best city in SA. let me catch the out-of-towners up to speed:

this weekend's recipe for festiveness
kick off the weekend with the first christmas party of the season, surrounded by great company - and chat the night away to the soundtrack of the city bowl alive with people.
a visit to the biscuit mill with the tourist in-laws, then a sunny picnic in kirstenbosch.
chase that with a bonfire and some good mates, and complete the naweek with a long boozy lunch at the parentals in the 'hoek.
yup, that'll do it.

to add to the intoxicating happiness, ol' fathead lost his (4-generation-old) signate ring and we managed to retrieve it from the dude to pocketed it - all in 24hrs!

but wait ... there's more!
leaving work this evening (mentally preparing myself for the usual bumper-to-bumper) ... i discover this:

that ladies and gents is the newly opened FIVE lane highway (n1 outbound from m5). goodness me. in addition i'd like to thank all the capetonian drivers for staying true to our reputation and bailing from work extra early to go forth and enjoy the sunshine.  as a result, i got home in 7 mins.

another reason to start feeling the tingle in your big toe, is the fact that it was 34 degrees today. that's right people - it doesn't get better than a slaapstad summer!

so, pour yourselves a tipple - sit back and enjoy the rest of the week ... my sources tell me it's going to be a sinker!

start your week off here (go on - turn it up now, don't be a wuss. if you open up your heart and mind, it will stick in both for quite sometime).

over and out (and thanks to you all for the blog-support, laughter, emails, FB messages, SMS's, advice and walking around "runka-tunka-tunka-tunk-tunking" - it are all muchly appreciated!)

wishing you a festive week,
kitty d

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