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Monday, November 30, 2009

some fan 'tache tic news

ho! ho! ho! no more mo

today is the last day of november - which for most, means payday.

however today is also the last day of MOvember.  this is a far more exciting time of the year.  it signifies a shift in society as we enter into a new phase of civility.

in essence, my friends, it signifies the end of a spikey, scratchy, creepy-looking, handle-bar shaped facial feature which has been haunting my F@head's face. 

exhibit a:

if, like me, you were a long-suffering girlfriend / wife / mother / sister / lover / booty call of one of these ridiculous creatures - go here (tashorama) to find the name of the caterpiller who invaded your privacy for the last month .

please raise a tipple in celebration - as tomorrow is
 "shave the ginger-arsed-bandit day".
this makes me exceedingly happy.

thanks to daniel-son and gillete mach 3 blades

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