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Thursday, November 19, 2009

about klout

well i never.

kiddles sent me this interesting new social media analytics tool.  it's a hellovathing.  it's called klout, and was launched in san fran by a group of clever little four-eyed monsters.

so basically it tracks trends and centres/subjects of influence with the social media web. it makes connections and measures how many people are talking about what at the same time.

for instance - you'll recall me previous article on the new xbox?  well according to klout:

the point behind all this is based on the belief that every one who is creating content on line, has some kind of ... well ... klout.

so they look at the impact of your opinions, links and recommendations and plot it against a social graph. then using what they know about the content you create, how people interact with that content and the size and composition of your network they connect you to others.

rather nifty tool for agencies / businesses / PR dudes wishing to track / measure / justify their social media activities, no?

check out: http://klout.com/
thanks t-bear

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