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Monday, November 16, 2009

steri's stumped me

so my bestest one in all the land has been doing some festive things on the interweb and streets of the city, with a FABulous campaign that has taken an ou doos brand and given it a rather festive, cutting-edge cult following.

it be steri stumpie (i hear everyone has a flavourite).

look, i'm not going to lie - it's pretty weird to see a milkshake resurrect itself from the days of riaan cruywagen and the a-team,  only to emerge with a tweet account, a blog www.steri-stumpie.co.za, a facebook profile, brand ambassadors who are fakken strange individuals, two new flavours, an oom-pa band and a range of designer tshirts.

but because of all this and despite being lactose intolerant (defn "don't do diary") even i have found myself galishing at the thought of an ice cold choccie melk as part of my hang over rescue remedy.

now for those of you who are assuming i've been slipped some kind of sneaky-sneaky hand-in-pocket promo-payment, you'd be very mistaken.

no, i'm giving them airtime, in the desperate hope that NOW my  "best friend" will fling a tshirt my way.

i mean just look at this (ltd edition steri-inspired designs by levi's)

so there it is, my final plea for a dose of the radness.

these melk-terts at steri are pretty royal-upstanders mind you - even before they won their recent award at the acclaimed The Bookmarks, they've been clean of any bribery or lumps in their shake. 

guess i'll just have to watch from afar whilst society rewards the melkers 'n shakers amongst us.

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