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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the fat fool (that'd be me)

i guess part of having a blog means sharing your life (the trials, the tribulations, the sex scandals ... you get the point).  as i boldly entwine myself in the interweb, i'm learning to do this ... day by day.

so here goes - my first "coming clean" confession.

on saturday night, F@head and i go to a friend's birthday at doodles. it's full of client-type people, but we make the most of it.  one of the client-type people brings a celebrity-type person to the party.  it's not just any celebrity-type person (and most of you will probably start to point and laugh when i get to the point) - but it's the other man in my life.

i've told F@head about my one-sided love affair ... and he's taken this news like a true soldier.  of course now, the true soldier begins a mocking cacophony of laughter at my state of star-struck fluster
 - as in strolls the man who serenades me from my slumber every morning, the man who enriches my spiritual journey via twitter everyday ... the man who, (gasp), leans into my conversation (as I casually pretend to be cool and aloof ... yes, I'm a tool, I know) - extending his hand to introduce himself (to what he must have thought was a fakken hot blonde, right?)

"hi, i'm gareth"

(don't worry, he thinks i'm a tool, too)

blushing like a 12 yr old at a bon jovi concert, i'm thinking OHMYSHATTEREDNERVES!  as F@head annoyingly cackles in the corner of my eye.

a few minutes later - all of which i'd spent straining to evesdrop on his conversation, so I could deposit some mind-blowing gem of a wisdom (see my tweets for examples of these) - he left.
so that was my celebrity encounter.
that's it.
how sad?
... he didn't even offer me a goodbye snog (joking, i'm not that kinda girl).

and eventhough i may be a F@ fool - for that one second, when he took my hand, it was pure bliss to feel like a teenager again.

lesson learned: being an adult all the time, in control of emotion and reason - just ain't as fun as wanting to throw your panties at someone.

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