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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the fat fak up ... an update

since the last post under this title, we've learned that the people in the cape town office that have the power to give the Apostille stamp (set self reminder to find out how on earth you pronounce this!), lied to us when they said that they didn't have the power to give the stamp.

do you know those mo-fo's were going to make us send our papers to pretoria?!  anyway, sneaky and nimbled-toed footie managed to uncover the truth.  the kaapse vet koppe do actually offer the service.

so now we wait like sitting ducks (why do people say this? anybody every seen a sitting duck and thought - "man, that reminds me of this morning, when i was stuck in traffic") - for our two tiny pieces of government-sponsored paper to be returned to SA, so we can take it down to these kaapse vet koppe and get them to tie a satin ribbon around the certificate and seal it wiff a pretty wax stamp.

had i known that the skills i was learning in my 2nd grade craft class could have risen me to the Apostille Stamp-giver power seat, lord knows i would have made some very different career decisions ...

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