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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the fat interchange planned for Koeberg/M5

like any good capetonian, i'm the first to rattle off a long list of reasons as to why the mother city kicks joburg's ass 10-love. on this list will be the usual suspect crime and of course, the predictable, nightmarish traffic ... and like any good capetonian, i'll loyally omit the fact that in recent years, cape town has been receiving an ever-increasing dose of the latter.

i'd deliberately fail to show you this - a typical view of my morning ride into work:

but now, i'm coming out with the truth.  you see, now i'm armed with additional ammo for the vaalies amongst us who've already started with "ja, you see ..."

put away your smug grins friends-GP, for slaapstad has a bright, white light at the end of this congested tunnel (drumroll please)

I present to you, the breath-taking engineering feat of genius that is the future of the Koeberg interchange:

just look at that beast!
that's right ... take it in.
life in ol' slaapstad might be "slow-bru", but by 2010 at least our traffic won't be.

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