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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

you, me and synergy

i don't want to be funny, but...
if you're not coming to synergy this weekend, i'm assuming it's for one of the following (limited) reasons:
a) you don't live in SA
b) you're too old
c) you've never heard of it

whilst i find it hard to find any good reason for the above 3 excuses, the most concerning one is the last.
you've never heard of it?  come now ...

people! we're talking about rocking the daisies on steriods
we're talking about a 3 day rock concert on boschendal farm

go on, test me - name your favorite local artist.

fokofpolisikar?   playing.
goldfish?           playing.
dirty skirts?     playing.

 yup. them and about 20 others. and i haven't even gone down the road of the dj list, or mentioned the main stage and bars, dance floors, fairground, market place and multimedia zone (they even have a soapbox for daniel-son)

i want you to go here Synergy Live.
buy your ticket. come and play with me and F@head this weekend.

no more excuses. sorry. i'm tired of them.

ticket. and go. 

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