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Thursday, November 26, 2009

i've got love for you, if you were born in the 80's. the 80's.

last night F@head's crazy cuz entertained us with this little after-dinner tit bit.  i suspect that in the brightness of daylight, it's probably not as funny as we found it last night - but i'm going to blame the whi-sssssh-kie for that.

talk about a stroll down memory lane. if you spent any of the 80's in SA, you'll recall most of these. my favourite has to be "in the centre, mister venter". but i'll let you choose your own.

anyhoo, you may enjoy it. i like to call it a "blast from the past". write that down.

thanks dounie

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  1. I haven't enjoyed something as much as seeing these ads in a long time - what a laugh! We were SOOOOO cheesy, I cringed! Thanks KittyD!