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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wii se moer

okay so next to golfers discussing their swing on the 4th hole and top billing, tv games are pretty much up there in my top list of BO-ring things in life.

however i do have the highly-evolved skill of appreciating things are are actually interesting.

take this, a little ditty i put together, of a short history of gaming consoles (those of you who can identify these by name, need to get off the internet right now, go outside, climb a tree, throw a ball ... and who knows, you may just meet your first real friend).

okay so unless you've been living in dalstroom, you'll know the rest ... PS, PSII, PSIII, PStoo_much_money_and_find_it_hard_to_interact_with_real_homosapiens, Wii, Wii-Fit, X-box 360 ... blah blah dee blah fishpaste.

boys (and girls, i suppose) ... check this out

thanks daniel-son
take it. and go.

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