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Thursday, December 3, 2009

fat festivi-T's

i'm sure most of you expected me to blab on about how amazing synergy was - but see, that's where you're wrong.   those of you who weren't there, couldn't possibly want to hear about how fabulous it was, how much fun we had, how well organised it was, how incredibly the bands played or how i dove so deep into the festiveness that i left my voice on the dancefloor.

why on earth would i rub that in your face?!

what i am going to do is announce the winners of the secret-and-unannounced t-shirt competition.

congrats to goodies and pedo-bear for their outstanding effort in this department.  your prize is a noddy badget.

please enjoy these two gems:

waaahaa! it's too much.  I love you okes.

another (slightly more naughty) gem i stumbled upon is this ... sorry if offending any of you, but if can put your funny hat on for just a sec ... 

watch this space as we scour the globe for more festivi-T's.

thanks joolz, for your unwaivering inappropriateness

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