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Sunday, December 13, 2009

'tis the season to be jolly, and stop de bi'chin

i know that previously, i promised a bi'chin-moan about how heineken fakked up at the killers, but in the light of the fact that absolutely everyone  has been kvetzing about it, i feel it's rather over done.  there've been posters like this one floating around   *yawn*

in fact, in response to one of the top blogs in the country, one of my (apparently too happy-clappy) comments triggered quite a witty round of banter about how we should all hate big concerts vs how we should "always look on the bright side of life"
(thanks monty python).

ag, anyway - it's not important.

in short - the main sponsor didn't read the fine print on their liquor license, couldn't sell booze from 4-6 pm, and so as a result gave it away for 2 hrs.

being in the tobacco industry, i rather question the legalities of this move - but really, who cares?  it happened.

i saved cash (which is a really good thing seen as they were taking the piss with their booze prices anyway - so it's really what i like to call a wen-wen-situasie).

there. said and done.

i can't be sure - maybe it's my (too-be) father-in-law's whiskey that i've been tippling on all evening, maybe it's the fact that i'm on "holiday", maybe it's the cheesy vanessa williams' version of "have yourself a merry little christmas" that i'm listening to as i type ... who knows?  but really, it's the end of the year, and i'm tired of hearing complaints,  people.

it's time to embrace the festive season - even if you're not a christian, even if (like me) you're working 'til the end of the year, even if the festive season has already broken your bank until march 2010.

in the end, it's these times we remember.  it's that christmas eve dinner that uncle bob got drunk and fell asleep in your mom's carspacchio, that you'll remember on your death bed. not the deadline you made in less time than your boss expected.

it's the granny who gave your boyfriend a woman's purse as a christmas present - and the moment your watched his face contort in a ridiculous impersonation of "appreciation" - that's the stuff that'll bring a smile to your face.

take today ... i could have been worrying about the money, or the flights, or the storage, or the visa's - but instead: today,  returning from the bierfassel (SA's best eisbien-serving-german restaurant in the midlands) Fathead's father used the doggie-bag to swot a flock of flies off the bonnet of his volvo, when the force of his swing broke the foil bag, and just like that ... a shower of slow-cooked pork flung itself across the bonnet of his shiney white luxury vehicle.

now that people, is what life's about.      the funny shit.

of course, Father Fathead didn't think so ...
but that's besides the point.

he'll find the humor in year's to come.

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